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30 Best Beach Jewelry Designers on Etsy ~ great artists inspired by the beach [12/20]

As far as beach-inspired artwork goes, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been around the block a few times. Art and jewelry with a beach theme is kind of an obsession to me and I’m happy to say that I’ve seen quite a bit of wonderful beach jewelry designs in my day.

In fact, it’s sort of an obsession. If I find my way into a small beach-side boutique, don’t expect me to come back out for quite some time (and I’ll be carrying some purchases with me!). And websites devoted to ocean themed art and jewelry? Yeah, I’ll spend hours there.

So it was tough to boil down the hundreds of jewelry artists I like down to a list of 30. But I’m glad I did and I’m really thrilled to be able to present the readers of Seashell Madness with this guide to the great artists who I consider to be the best.

Check out (in no particular order, because I love them all) the Top 30 Best designers of…

Beach Jewelry

Britta Boeckmann (Bold B Jewelry)

When I saw the designs of Britta Boeckmann I felt that I had seen something new! The designs of Britta’s beach-inspired jewelry are truly unique and truly remarkable. I love the way that she uses resin, as it is quite different from the way that most artists use resin.

Most of her pieces combine resin with some other material, usually beach sand, and are designed in distinctive shapes. The design which first caught my eye was her “longshore necklace” line. Using bonded beach sand and blue resin formed into a delicate sickle shape.

And the way that she represents waves in her resin design is truly beautiful. I’m a big fan.


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Carla Garro (Lita Sea Glass Jewelry)

As you can likely tell from the pages of Seashell Madness, I am a big fan of authentic sea glass. There is just something so beautiful about the look of it, made all the more interesting knowing that it was formed from broken bottles that have been tossed around in the sea for a few decades. So it should come as no surprise to learn that I have checked out a whole lot of sea glass jewelry in my time.

That’s just something that I want you to know before I say: Carla Garro of Lita Sea Glass Jewelry is probably my favorite sea glass jewelry designer.

Because authentic sea glass comes in so many different shapes and sizes, it takes a special eye to be able to consistently come up with great looking designs. And Carla does just that!

I am especially fond of her necklaces, especially her three-tiered bezel necklaces, which she says is one of her most popular styles. I love the beautiful, minimalistic sterling silver mountings that she uses in this piece. It’s wonderful!

Carla got her start in this particular form of jewelry in 2005. Since the early 2000s Carla had been running a boutique jewelry shop when a customer brought in a jar of sea glass — which had been collected by her recently departed grandmother — and asked Carla to create jewelry from the samples in the jar. Says Carla, “When I showed her the necklaces I created, she was overcome with joy. I could see in her eyes that there was more to the jewelry than just the sterling silver and sea glass; there was a lifetime of memories. She gave me the remaining pieces of sea glass as a gift, and said that the jewelry I had created for her was so dear to her heart that she hoped it would inspire me as well.”

And the rest is history.


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Cathy Jayne Meinke (Just Jaynes)

If you’re looking for a nice piece of jewelry with a wave on it, you definitely want to check out the work of Cathy Jayne Meinke. While many beach jewelry artists have a wave or two in their collection Cathy has many different waves in many different styles — all of which are great, in my opinion.

I especially like her designs which are done in layers. It’s really unique (and really cool) to see something like a whale’s tail and waves rendered as two separate layers. It really makes it ‘pop!’

And since I’m also a fan of surfing as well, I was thrilled to see the awesome “surfer girl” necklace. Really well done!


Steph (Red Island Sea Glass)

Doing her beachcombing on the “Red Island” of Prince Edward Island in Canada, jewelry designer Steph had amassed a large collection of sea glass over the years. And lucky for us, she decided to turn that collection into some really wonderful beach-inspired jewelry.

“Ever since I can remember I’ve collected sea glass and other beach treasures along the shores of Prince Edward Island,” she says. “I have found every color of glass out there from the most basic colors green, white and brown to some of the most rare red, orange, pink, yellow and black.”

Steph has a complete line of lovely sea glass jewelry. I’m especially fond of her earrings, whose designs range from simple mountings which show off the sea glass, to more elaborate silver work featuring swirls and spirals.


Amie (Life Less Ordinary Co)

Specializing in “Vegan Gifts,” Amie creates a lot of cool, bohemian-style jewelry from ethical materials such as tagua nut. She also makes other accessories like vegan handbags and wallets and even a cork-faced watch (which is way cool) — but it’s her great line of surfer-style vegan jewelry that I love.

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy Amie’s designs, but if you are a vegan (or are buying a gift for a vegan) you’ve really hit the jackpot.

What I love most is that Amie’s creations feature a lot of fun designs. For instance, her beach bracelets and beach ankle bracelets featuring the VW bus really caught my eye. If you’ve read much of this site you know that the VW bus is basically the official vehicle of the beach lifestyle, and seeing a braided surfer bracelet with a VW campervan carved out of tagua nut really tickled me! It’s perfect jewelry for the beach lifestyle.


Joanna Castro (Seastone By Joanna)

Living in the seaside town of Saltburn, Joanna Castro is able to gather wonderful pieces of authentic Seaham sea glass to use in her designs. “We are blessed in Saltburn to get drifted and tumbled sea glass from the world famous Seaham glass works, just up the coast,” she says, “The glass factory in Seaham closed in 1921 and gorgeous pieces of glass have been tumbling in the sea since then…almost 100 years ago!!!”

I really enjoy her beach jewelry designs which blend that authentic sea glass with real silver. They have wonderful, wonderful lines to them (not to mention that the use of only authentic materials shows that we are dealing with an artist who truly cares about quality).

The quality of the work is especially important when dealing with authentic sea glass — as authentic sea glass comes out of the ocean in all sorts of shapes and sizes, a jewelry artist has to be able to adapt their work to the specific piece of glass.

Or as Joanna says, “Each piece of sea glass is so unique, it calls out it’s own style and I love to listen to it.”


Crystal Haines (Obsessories LA)

Crystal Haines at Obsessories LA specializes in making earrings featuring tiny art prints. And it’s amazing the results that she gets. Obviously, you’ve got to start out with some great artwork, but not all great artwork works great in miniature form. But Crystal has an eye for what works in that small format.

I really like her “nautical” line of earrings, featuring some really cool art — from seascapes to sand dollars to flip flops — these designs really work for me.


Brandon Thursby (Rock You Wear)

Utilizing rocks and pebbles which he has collected along the shores of Rhode Island, Brandon Thursby creates some really beautiful jewelry, inspired by the ocean.

I love how his designs really flow and fit together well. They seem to have some really beautiful stones there on the shores of Rhode Island, and the way that Brandon cuts, engraves and mounts them is truly special.

Of his start in rock carving he says, “I wanted to design something unique for myself to wear that reflected my own creativity and love for nature.” And what started as a hobby evolved into a career.


Spencer (My Roots Jewelry)

I am always on the lookout for unique designs and that’s what I found with the designs of Spencer from My Roots Jewelry. Wooden rings can be pretty neat when done well. And so can certain stones be used for nice ocean-themed works. The way that Spencer has combined the two is, in my opinion, really cool.

His designs feature Hawaiian Koa wood, which as you can see from the photos is a really beautiful type of wood. Then they also feature waves and other oceany patterns made from stones such as turquoise.

“What started as a hobby turned into one of the most inspiring endeavors I’ve had,” he says, “It’s a thrill to craft an authentic piece of jewelry for someone and play a small part of their journey.”


Lorena Montes (BotaniaJewelry)

Jewelry artist Lorena Montes specializes in pressed flowers in resin designs (and she has some really wonderful designs there!), but what caught my eye was her “Summer” line of beach jewelry. Lorena takes that skill and applies it to several wonderful designs featuring tiny seashells.

I’m especially fond of the resin ring designs, incorporating teeny, tiny little shells. Very nice!


Jodie (JBM Designs)

Although jewelry designer Jodie works mostly with Swarovski Crystals in her designs, I was really stopped in my tracks by her ocean-themed jewelry. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything quite like these designs.

For her ocean-themed designs, Jodie uses individual handmade glass beads. These beads are created with swirls of colors suggestive of the sea, and I love them!


Holly (Beach Cove Jewelry)

A collector of sea glass from the coast of Washington state, Holly puts that genuine sea glass to good use with some fabulous designs. I’m really fond of the necklaces where she has the sea glass mounted with a mermaid’s tail (since I’m fond of both sea glass and mermaids). And her designs often couple sea glass with wonderfully engraved pieces, many of which can be personalized.

“One of my favorite things to do is to look for sea glass used in many of my creations and I have a huge collection of it!” she says, “I love being able to take something once discarded and turn it into a piece of beautiful jewelry. I also love the mystery surrounding where the piece of glass may have come from.”


Claudia Poepsel (Villa Sorgenfrei)

With almost 170 thousand sales on Etsy in the last 10 years, it is safe to say that Claudia Poepsel is absolutely killing it on that platform. And with very good reason.

All of the jewelry on her site has been designed by Claudia and it’s pretty much all excellent! And while she has a whole lot of items in her collection that have nothing to do with the ocean, those beach-themed items she does have are terrific. I’m particularly fond of her bracelet designs which look like a school of fish circling your wrist. Very cool!


Kimberly Huestis (Porcelain And Stone)

As a fan of the ocean, I’m also a fan of abstract representations of oceans (I have quite a few abstract paintings of oceans). So when I came across the beach-themed jewelry design of Kimbery Huestis, I was completely floored! What wonderful coastal inspired abstract designs!

Kimberly handmakes her porcelain ceramic sculptures (which she fires in her own studio kiln) featuring beautifully deep blues and other oceany colors, which she often pairs with brass and mounts on necklaces, rings and earrings. The effect is truly unique and very beautiful.

About working in porcelain, Kimberly says, “I am drawn to the history of porcelain as much as I am drawn to the nature of wonderful humans in our desire to wear something special. Since even the cave ages, we have historically found evidence of self-adornment and decoration!”


Cheryl Catano Wilson (Catani Jewels)

Cheryl Catano Wilson is a jewelry artist with an eclectic line of designs, with most of her work carrying a coastal theme. Personally, I’m a fan of her extensive line of cuff beach bracelets. Most of them are in sterling silver, she has many different engraving styles (including personalized) as well as custom designs mounted on the cuffs.

In addition to those great beach bracelets (and beach ankle bracelets), Cheryl has plenty of other handmade sterling silver pieces, — her “wave” styled pieces are especially beautiful (and again, can be personalized)


Emily King (High Tide Blossoms)

There’s just something about the jewelry design of Emily King that feels… upbeat, is the only way I can think to describe it. Maybe it’s the colors. Almost all of her jewelry designs are in the oceany teals and light blues, along with other bright colors. Which is something that I really like.

Most of her collection is works of resin art — not just beach necklaces, there are wonderful beach bracelets and beach earrings as well. And resin art makes for wonderful beach art. “I love the [resin] process and how every piece is unique just as the waves from the sea,” she says, “My love of the ocean is my inspiration.”


Melissa Symolon (Oshen Zen)

If you’ve spent much time on this site you know that I’m a huge fan of resin art depictions of oceans. There’s just something about that style that — if done well — really, really works for me.

Artist Melissa Symolon specializes in beach jewelry in this theme. I particularly like her teardrop-shaped beach earrings. Very nice!

In addition to her great jewelry, Melissa’s shop includes a really great feature — your purchase sponsors beach cleanup!


Kate Nuki (Beachdashery)

Beach Jewelry designer Kate Nuki has hit upon a really wonderful niche idea, which I absolutely love. She specializes in wonderful sand jewelry (beach necklaces, beach bracelets, etc.), but she takes it one step further: her designs feature sand she has collected from specific famous beaches around the world.

And since she has been a sand collector for 20 years, chances are she’s got some sand from your favorite beach in her collection. So, say you’re a fan of Venice Beach in California, or maybe you’re more into the Grand Caymans, well Kate has sand jewelry just for you. You can even send her sand from a beach she hasn’t visited and she’ll turn that into jewelry for you!


Cathy (Sea Meadow Designs)

The appreciation of the little things in nature is evident in Cathy’s designs. She says, “Spending time on beaches, in sand dunes, up hills and in fields gave me a love and passion for the natural world. My mum played a big role in giving me a love of the beauty of all that surrounds us, down to the little tiny things”

I was instantly drawn to Cathy’s seashell necklaces. She takes tiny little seashells and mounts them so beautifully in little globes (she also does the same with tiny flowers and dandelions, which is neat). The effect is especially beautiful.


Jacquie (J Lynn Creations)

Jewelry designer Jacquie mainly specializes in personalized, hand-stamped pieces (and she has some great ones — the personalized brass guitar pick is a fabulous men’s anniversary gift) and she has some really wonderful beach-themed engravings. But I was mainly drawn to her sand jewelry.

I really like sand jewelry. There’s something that I find really neat about taking that little piece of the beach and mounting it in some interesting way. And I find that Jacquie’s mountings are very interesting and stylish. Her bracelets with amazonite beads combined with the sand are really the perfect boho accessory.


Imogen (Imogens Beach Silver)

“I have always lived by the beautiful beaches of the North East of England and spend many hours fascinated by the amazing items washed up there,” says jewelry artist Imogen. So it is only natural that she specializes in jewelry made from sea glass that she finds on her frequent strolls along the English coast.

I like the simplicity of most of her designs. The focus of most of her jewelry seems to be on the glass itself rather than on the silver upon which it is mounted. And there’s something about that type of pure approach that really appeals to me.


Melissa Drake (Happy Go Licky)

Silver is wonderful medium for jewelry when done right. And Melissa Drake (who works almost exclusively in silver) definitely does it right.

I first came upon her work when researching my blog posts on mermaid jewelry. In checking out thousands of pieces of mermaid jewelry I came across a few that were startlingly unique. One of those unique pieces was a mermaid ring (pictured above) which had a wonderful and unique engraving to it.

If you take a look at her collection, you’ll see quite a few beautiful works like that ring, all hand-made by Melissa. And though she is based inland (in Kentucky) she has quite a few pieces that are nautical and beach inspired.


Jamee Jones (Jonara Blu Maui Jewelry)

If you’re into the boho style, then Jamee Jones is the jewelry designer for you. Based on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Jamee has been creating her “beachy boho jewelry” since 2003.

A really popular part of her collection is her hand-crocheted Hawaiian-inspired anklets. Jamee makes wonderful use of items like beautiful blue and purple pearls, cultured glass and seashells which she weaves together to make some really uniquely styled pieces of Hawaiian jewelry.

“My crocheted pieces featuring Hawaiian shells,” she says, “are especially loved by all the hippie mermaids at heart.”


Kelcey Loomer (Seed and Sky)

“After years of making artwork meant to be hung on walls I started dreaming up new and creative ways to make my artwork more accessible to people,” says artist Kelcey Loomer, “I began experimenting merging my designs into jewelry because I loved the idea of my work being something you could tangibly touch and hold.”

Which makes her designs completely unique, and I love them! All of her jewelry is created using prints of her own original paintings, which I think is really neat. She starts with a painting (and her paintings are great in and of themselves) and then turns those great images into something wearable.

While she creates art from subjects non-oceany (she has several different absolutely adorable cat earrings!) I’ve included her on this list of beach jewelry designers because the beach-inspired works that she does create are truly unique and beautiful. I especially like the designs made from her coastal paintings.


Kim Voigt (Mermaid Tribe Jewelry

Based in the seaside town of San Clemente, California, Kim Voigt creates some really wonderful and unique pieces of jewelry for the “boho” beach lifestyle.

I’m really fond of the pieces that she creates with sea glass. Though she does some great pieces with silver and shells, it is her sea glass works which really shine. And since she uses only authentic sea glass, tumbled in the waves, it means that each piece is truly unique.

Kim believes “in creating well-made jewelry with tons of character….it’s the little imperfections that make each piece unique!” she says.


Patti Fine (Fine Beach Jewelry)

Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops as earrings? You bet! Jewelry artist Patti Fine has a great collection of beach-inspired jewelry that is just downright fun. In addition to those great earrings she has quite a collection of surfer-style bracelets.

“I use beach inspired colors such as teal, aqua, pearl, sea green, and deep blue in my designs,” she says, “I often use shells, sand, and shark’s teeth that myself or my boys find on the beach in the jewelry.”


Amanda (Salt Sand and Sea)

Amanda creates an eclectic mix of styles and designs into her beach jewelry work. I really like her acrylic earrings — from waves to turtles to palm trees in the sunset, they have a really unique and personal feel to them.

Do you have some sand of shells that you’ve collected on a vacation? Amanda can include them to make a custom piece of jewelry for you.

“I wanted to be able to create pieces of jewelry that I knew my customers would look at with fond memories,” she says, “Vacations to the beach are often a family’s favorite times together and I hope to capture that.”


Beth Martin (Beach Glass Shop)

Beth Martin is a jewelry designer who hails from the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio. Beth’s specialty is working with beach glass, and according to her, Lake Erie has some of the best beach glass finds in the world.

Her beach glass jewelry designs feature a lot of green and white glass, and her silver wrap designs I find to be elegant and quite beautiful.

In addition to designing beach glass jewelry, Beth also teaches jewelry design and in addition to that, she has written a wonderful book on the subject entitled Organic Wire and Metal Jewelry. So… she knows her jewelry design!


Marina (Sea Natural)

From the city of Varna on the Black Sea, Marina makes some really great mermaid-inspired works from the shells and such that she collects during her walks on the beach.

Marina creates the sorts of jewelry that would be put to great use in a beach wedding — from some really wonderful barefoot sandals with starfish and shells to seashell earrings and some really unique and beautiful seashell tiaras.

“My objective is,” she says,”guided by my intuition, to combine various shapes and colors to achieve something beautiful that would bring joy and self-esteem to the persons wearing my pieces of jewelry.”


Kari (U’i Jewelry Maui)

Jewelry designer Kari hand-makes her jewelry on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. And that Maui beach vibe definitely comes through in her Hawaiian jewelry (Kari says her work is inspired by “the beach + ocean and all the amazing treasures that she offers!!”)

I was first attracted to her wonderful earring designs made from cultured glass. They show a wonderful flowing design and wrapped in wonderful silver wire work.

As a side note, I also think it’s great that for her pieces which have Hawaiian names, she provides a helpful pronunciation guide. For instance her Ihilani Earrings are pronounced (ee hee lah nee). Cool!

Of her store name, Kari says, “ U’i in the Hawaiian language means beautiful and that’s what I want to create — beautiful jewelry!”


Kathy Shipman Bennett (things BEACH)

What I like about Kathy Shipman Bennett’s designs is that she has a little bit of everything and that little bit of everything is beach-themed. Whether you’re looking for a little bit of beach glass jewelry, or a starfish necklace, or maybe something with dolphins, chances are that Kathy has a design that will work for you.

In addition, many of her pieces can be personalized, which makes them great for gifts or for favors at your beach wedding.


Best Beach Jewelry Designers

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