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Coastal Decor

When you’re decking out your beach house — or any house that you want to give that beach vibe — you need to have just the right type of home furnishings, artwork and accessories.

At Seashell Madness we have a whole lot of experience in picking out just the right decor for the beach house. So, look below for a list of our most recent posts on COASTAL DECOR!


Beach House Patio Furniture

Beach house patio furniture is the perfect compliment for those seaside gatherings, because all beach house patios need to have a coastal flair!


Coastal Bathroom Decor

Are you going for Coastal Decor with your bathroom remodel? Or maybe you just want to bring a bit of that beach aesthetic to your current bathroom? You're in luck, because today we’re having a look at 50 great ideas for bringing the beach house look to arguably the most important room in your house, with great ideas for coastal bathroom decor.

Seashell Wreaths & Garlands

Nothing says Welcome to the Beach better than a seashell wreath on the door! And they're versatile too. You can have beach Christmas wreaths and beach wreaths for the fall and Thanksgiving, and let's not forget about that perfect beach wedding!

Coastal Living Room

12 Tips for Coastal Living Room Decor

Tackling a coastal decor can be a lot of fun — but also pretty overwhelming, so here is a guide with 12 Coastal Living Room Decor Tips to help you out.

Beach House Lamps & Lighting

You need just the right sort of illumination when you are going for coastal decor. Here are my favorite picks for beach house lamps & lighting.

Beach House Sofas

Everyone needs a comfy place to relax in their living room — and since in a coastal living room, you want that comfy place to look great here are some suggestions for beach house sofas.

Beach House Chairs

Take a seat and stare out at the ocean as I share my recommendations for beach house chairs.

Beach House Coffee Tables

A coffee table will often do more than just hold coffee, so a coffee table needs to be solid and look good — here are some of the best finds for beach house coffee tables.

Beach House End Tables

Whether you are using them to hold drinks or to display photos, the right end table can make all the difference in finishing up a room.

Beach House Fireplaces

The advent of the electric fireplace is a really neat thing, and in this post I’ll be taking a look at the best coastal designs with beach house fireplaces.

Beach House Pillows & Pillow Covers

A good pillow is not only something that you can curl up with when you nap, it also needs to look fabulous when displayed on your sofa. So let’s have a look at some of the best beach house pillows and pillow covers.

Beach House Rugs

Finish off the floor in your coastal living room with just the right bit of coastal flair using one of these great beach house rugs.

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