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There is some amazing beach art and beach decor out there. There are some really cool ways to give your beach space a beach feel!

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    50 Best Seashell Artists on Etsy [Fall 2020]

    Seashells. Who doesn't like seashells? Nobody that I know. And when a talented artist uses seashells to create artwork? Fantastic! Here lists the 50 BEST SEASHELL ARTISTS on Etsy! From mind-blowing murals, to frogs made from shells to shells mixed with resin, there are some great works being made with shells. #seashells #seashellart #shellart #beachdecor #beachart

  • Beach Art & Decor

    50 Best Resin Artists with a Beach Theme [Fall 2020]

    You can create an ocean with resin! (if you're artistic enough) Because of the fluidity of resin, it makes an excellent medium for depicting oceans and beaches (again, if the artist is artistic enough!). Here shows the 50 BEST RESIN ARTISTS with a Beach Theme working on Esty here in the summer of 2020.Check out these beautiful pieces! #resin #resinart #beachart #oceanart #beachdecor

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    50 Best Beach Painters on Etsy [Fall 2020]

    There are some amazing painters creating amazing ocean and beach-inspired paintings out there! Here takes a look the Top 50 Best Beach Painters on Etsy! Looking for beach art, say a great abstract ocean painting? Or a watercolor of the waves? Or a realistic portrait of a sea creature? These are the artists who can give it to you! #beachart #beachartist #oceanart #abstractpainting #abstractocean