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Seahorse Art ~ It’s a Seahorse Stampede!

I see horses.. seahorses!

Today Seashell Madness again takes a look at some fantastic beach art and home decor, with today’s theme being one that I am crazy about… seahorses!

There’s just something about seahorse that is just so darned cute, isn’t there? Whenever I see one of these little guys I find myself wishing there was some way that I could take a few home for pets.

Since that doesn’t really work, I’ll settle for seahorse art. And boy, is there some amazing seahorse art out there. Such a huge amount and huge variety.

Let me show you!


I’m a fan of purple. I’m a fan of seahorses. So this purple Seahorses print really appealed to me.

Then there’s the soft look of the watercolors (in purple! did I mention?) which I think is great. Aaaaaand…

I love how it looks like they are maybe a couple, leaning in for a kiss.

Details: Available in different sizes • print from watercolor on paper original

Where to get it: Seahorses

Mosaic Seahorse

I found myself fascinated by all of the little details and curlicues and all of the tiny little details on this Mosaic Seahorse. The blue glass accents caught my eye so well that I found myself counting the stones on this piece! (it’s so fun when a piece of art pulls you in that way)

This one was so unique that I just had to put it on my list.

And the colors are fantastic! Plus, with all the metal work and stones, when the sun hits it at different times of the day it will sparkle in different ways. And who doesn’t like a good sparkle?

Details: 18.5″ x 10.5″ • metal, glass & acrylic

Where to get it: Mosaic Seahorse

Seahorse of Seashells

This Seahorse of Seashells is one of the most original works that I have seen. I love how artist Maria Lampton has so skillfully used the shells which she hand-collected on Florida beaches.

Check out the great selection of tiny seashells used for the outline (look closely — it’s not obvious on first glance, but that closer look will blow your mind!) then add to that the way that she has used crushed shells to give the look a sandy texture.

This one is the coolest! I love this one!

Details: 16″ x 9″ • seashells and sea urchins • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Seahorse of Seashells


One of the great things about artist Eli Halpin (who did a really cool Octopus painting you should check out) is the expressions that she puts on the faces of animals. To me, this group of Seahorses looks like a choir focusing their attention on the conductor and excitedly waiting to sing their first note.

I also love the use of colors on the sea floor. Something about it just grabs me!

Details: 40″ x 24″ • print on canvas

Where to get it Seahorses

Seahorse Purple Natural

Did I mention before that I like purple a lot. I did? Okay, I’ll say it again, I like purple and I love the way that it has been used in Seahorse Purple Natural — how the watercolors blend from greens to blues to purples all along the body.

And I really felt my attention pulled toward the eye of this seahorse. It’s almost like the little guy is startled. Artist Sam Nagel has given this seahorse a wonderful expression.

Details: Available in different sizes • print from watercolor

Where to get it Seahorse Purple Natural

Seashell Seahorse

Now talk about original! Artist Cheryl has taken bits of broken seashells and arranged them together in the one-of-a-kind design of Seashell Seahorse.

The first word that came to my mind on seeing this one was crazy! It is crazy just how involved and unique this seahorse is. It is amazing how she has selected just the right shells to form just the right shapes to pull this off. I mean, just look at the face and eye!


Details: 7″ • seashells • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Seashell Seahorse

Driftwood Seahorse

Cue the Game of Thrones theme as you check out this Driftwood Seahorse. I mean, you’ve got to admit that seahorses in general look a little dragon-y, but this guy looks really dragon-y.

As a collector of driftwood myself, I am amazed at how artist Wendy Austin — who hand-gathers all of her own driftwood in beachcombing expeditions — has found not only great pieces of driftwood, but managed to arrange them together so skillfully to create this piece.

If you check out Wendy’s page you’ll see that she does a lot of beautiful work in this style. But I’ve got to say that I think that this seahorse is the cream of the crop.

Details: 16″ • driftwood and jute • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Driftwood Seahorse


I definitely have a crush on this Seahorse.

Get it? Crush… because for this piece artist Mia Pascale has made amazing use of crushed shells.


Details: 11.5″ • crushed seashells and glass • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Seahorse

Wood Wall Seahorse

You’ve got to admit, the detail on Wood Wall Seahorse is simply amazing! I don’t know how he does it (wood artist Jacob hand draws and hand cuts each one of his pieces — wow!) but I know that I absolutely love it.

I’m sure that the initial hand-drawn step was already beautiful — I love all of the detail and the flowing look of the crown — but then to take that and somehow cut it out of wood just simply amazes me. The detail. The detail!

It’s also great that the finished product is stained not painted. That makes for a wonderful artistic choice.

Details: 17″ • wood (oak) • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Wood Wall Seahorse

Seahorse Mosaic

When you’re talking about beach decor, you are almost always including some sort of mosaic tile in there. It’s as natural a fit for a beach house as is sand in the entryway. The way that artist Julia Zimmerman has used mosaic tile scraps to fashion this Seahorse Mosaic is phenomenal!

Not only have the shapes of the pieces been so skillfully assembled so as to form the outline of a seahorse, but I absolutely love the choice of the scraps used.

It’s not just sticking to a few different tiles — there is an amazing variety here. I spent a lot of time just examining each of the little tiles (there’s dolphins and turtles in there!).

I love this piece.

Details: 23″ x 11″ • mosaic tile and grout • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Seahorse Mosaic

Seahorse Beige

I think that the colors and patterns of Seahorse Beige are very cool. It’s really interesting to me that the artist has painted this seahorse with almost a paisley sort of pattern.

Paisley ocean, I suppose. Actually, I think that’s what I would have called it, “Paisley Ocean,” but that wasn’t up to me.

But no matter what you call it, I think it’s great.

Also, I assume from the eyelashes that this is a girl seahorse. Which is neat. Or am I just reading something into it?

Details: Available in multiple sizes • print

Where to get it Seahorse Beige

Seahorse Coral Red

Artist Suren Nersisyan has created something pretty darned extraordinary with this piece (in my opion). First off, Seahorse Coral Red is a great example of watercolor technique — the way that the seahorse and the coral almost melt together. Almost, but not quite.

And then of course the thing that jumps out at you the most — leaps out at you — is the use of deep reds. So red it seems almost impossibly red (in fact, the color listed for this painting is “maximum red!”)

Is it a devil seahorse?


Now I’m scared.

Details: available in different sizes • print of watercolor

Where to get it Seahorse Coral Red

Seaglass Seahorse

I really like the colorful use of resin in this one to give the appearance of sparkling seaglass. Artist Sherri Ortega has a whole line of projects which she has made this way, and I love how this little guy appears to be floating.

Floating in the sea…

Details: 14.5″ x 12.5″ • resin, starfish, shells • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Seaglass Seahorse

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