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The Beach Lifestyle

Beach and Fun just naturally go together. It’s all part of the beach lifestyle.

Here at Seashell Madness we are always on the lookout for beach fun! So have a look below to join us for our latest posts on that BEACH LIFESTYLE!


Beach Aesthetic

The Beach Aesthetic is a way of life, submerging yourself in the beach vibe from art to clothing to phone cases makes the beach aesthetic real.


Best Beach Cams

Most of us, if we could, would spend all day every day at the beach. Obviously most of us can’t do that. But luckily there are webcams mounted on beaches all over the world! Let’s have a look at the some of the best beach cams out there.

Finding Seashells — a Guide

Finding shells is fun, but when and where do you go to find them? Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in the pursuit of great seashells (hence a website named Seashell Madness and in this article I’m here to give you lots of tips and tricks for successful beachcombing.


All About Sea Glass

What is sea glass anyway? Where does sea glass come from? Where can you find sea glass? What can you make with sea glass? Today we’ll try to answer these questions about those shiny little ocean gems with a pretty darned comprehensive article that is all about sea glass.


Beach Quotes

Beach Quotes: there are amazing ones all over the interenet! And I’ve collected 55 of THE BEST BEACH QUOTES — some are well-known and several you've probably never heard before! — and I’ve created brand new photo memes to go with them all!

Beach Movie Quotes

Hollywood has made some awesome beach movies over the years. Here's a list of great beach movie quotes — perfect for those social media captions!

Ocean Movie Quotes

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