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Holidays at the Beach

There’s no place like the beach for the holidays!

Look below to see our latest posts on HOLIDAYS AT THE BEACH!


Beach Christmas Cards

The first Christmas task is often to get those cards out! So we've got suggestions for beach Christmas cards (and some good ones at that!).

Beach Christmas Ornaments

Dreaming of a Coastal Christmas? Well, then you need some Beach Christmas Ornaments for your Coastal Christmas Tree!

Beach Christmas Trees

ring the beach to your Christmas with a fantastic Beach Christmas Tree! We found a whole lot of beach Christmas trees — sesahells, sea glass, sea stars — in all sorts of colors and styles!

Beach Christmas Decorations

If you want to set that Beach Christmas tone at your house this year, it's important to get the right decorations going. Let's have a look at some beach-themed Christmas decorations today!

Coastal Christmas Stockings

Christmas needs stockings, and a BEACH Christmas needs BEACH Christmas Stockings! Surprisingly, there are a whole lot of them out there. Seashell Madness has a few!

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