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Crab Art ~ Cool, creative crustaceans

Today on Seashell Madness we’re again talking about beach art — and this time it’s crabs!

In real life, crabs may not be the prettiest creatures out there, but the world of art has several beautiful examples that you can add to your beach decor.

If you’d like, I’ll show you right now:

Mosaic Crab Delight

The colors used on this Mosaic Crab Delight really jump out at me. I love how artist Sue Tukums has used the blue reflective glass of different shades to create this crab’s body. Then the whole thing is covered with a clear resin, which makes it even shinier.

What I like about it doesn’t stop there. The “beach” features authentic sea glass, which is neat. But what I really like — which is rarely done though it would seem an obvious thing to do — is the artist’s use of little dots of resin to create bubbles.

I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by the bubbles. But I am.

Details: 7″ x 13″ • reflective glass, resin, beach wood, sea glass • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Mosaic Crab Delight

Blue Crab Wooden Folk Art

Let me just say this: CRAZY!!!

I really like how unique this one is. You will certainly not see anything like Blue Crab Wooden Folk Art anywhere else. It’s not very likely that you’ll look over the fence to the neighbor’s yard and see that they have something similar.

Artist Jill Hall makes a lot of this sort of folk art, sculpting from aged materials. This one has been created out of an old wooden fishing float and a lot of vintage hardware.

I especially like the eyes. Aren’t they cool? Those, by the way, are vintage blinking doll eyes.

Details: 8.5″ x 12.75″ • vintage wooden float, rustic hardware • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Blue Crab Wooden Folk Art

Coastal Decor Large Crab

I’m a bit mesmerized looking at Coastal Decor Large Crab. I love the painted design of this crab. And the colors are just beautiful.

Artist Antoinette Marchfelder hand-draws the pattern for her creations, which are then cut out of MDF board by a CNC machine. From this original pattern (which she considers her canvas) she then goes to work with some amazing painting. I think the fact that she mixes acrylic and metallic paints are what makes these patterns “pop” so much.

I think this one’s great!

Details: 13″ x 16″ • MDF board, acrylic & metallic paint • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Coastal Decor Large Crab

Maryland Blue Crab

Okay, so any guesses why someone who has a website called Seashell Madness would be wild about this Maryland Blue Crab?

I find it really interesting the way that artist Corey Carter has attached whole and crushed shells to a hand-carved pine backing to create this guy. I also think that it is great that the shells used have all been found along the coast of North Carolina — including the crushed shells which were gathered from the surf — rather than using shells from a crafts kit.

It makes this crab extra-crabby!

Details: 16.5″ x 15″ • seashells, pine • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Maryland Blue Crab

Broken Glass Crab

What an amazing use of broken glass this is!

For Broken Glass Crab, the recycled glass which has been used to create a crab mosaic has also been painted red, creating an awesome shiny look to this crab. Very pretty.

Artist Vicky Smith creates a lot of cool things with broken glass (that sounds kind of dangerous, doesn’t it?) and I really like this one.

I also like the use of the glass and resin to create water and… bubbles!

Details: 12″ x12″ • recycled glass, resin • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Broken Glass Crab

(If you like resin like I like resin, check out my list of 50 BEST BEACH RESIN ARTISTS with a beach theme)

Framed Jeweled Crab

You’ve heard of jeweled crabs before, right? Well this Framed Jeweled Crab takes that literally. This guy is completely jeweled.

Artist Betty has used a varied collection of vintage jewelry to create this piece. It’s like a trip back in time, taking a peek into my grandmother’s jewelry box.

It’s crazy how she has managed to bring all of these different sizes and shapes together to form a crab. It definitely works.

Details: 10″ x 8″ • jewelry on backing board • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Framed Jeweled Crab

Painted Blue Crab

Yikes! It’s a real crab!

For Painted Blue Crab artist Pete Miller has taken an actual taxidermied crab, painted it and mounted it.

Ordinarily I’m not into taxidermy, but something about this piece spoke to me. It made me think that if I owned a seafood restaurant, this would be an awesome addition to the decor.

Details: 13″ x 11″ • taxidermied crab • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Painted Blue Crab

Vintage Metal Crab

What caught my eye about Vintage Metal Crab is the way that the carapace was made. If you look at it closely, the metal which has gone into it is twisted, and twisted in such a way that it gives a pattern and texture to it that makes this one really pop out.

Details: 16″ x 12″ • vintage (1970s)

Where to get it
Etsy Vintage Metal Crab

Maryland Blue Crab On Wood

Woah! Watch out! This angry crab is out to get you!

I love the look on the face of this Maryland Blue Crab on Wood.

For his works, artist Jared Buckland likes to start with a base of reclaimed lumber and then do something amazing with it. Which he certainly has here.

The crab in question is from a photo which has been printed upon reclaimed shipping pallets. And the effect, as you can see, is just amazing as this angry crab fixes you with an angry stare and seems to be out to get you!

Details: available in 3 sizes • photo print on recycled lumber • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Maryland Blue Crab on Wood

Bottle Cap Blue Crab

Now, if you owned a bar, wouldn’t you want Bottle Cap Blue Crab hanging above it? I sure would.

I think the way that artist Miranda Link has used this bunch of bottle caps is really creative and attractive. I especially like the way that she has folded the bottle caps to make the legs and claws.

Very creative!

Details: 14″ x 12″ • bottle caps, wood mount • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Bottle Cap Blue Crab

Steampunk Crab

Artist Nicholas from Unikos Art in Greece has some of the most unique creations on Etsy. Including this awesome Steampunk Crab statue.

If you look closely at this guy you’ll see some wonderful details. I especially like that the top of the carapace has been made using a vintage sailing ship print.

Really cool!

Details: 18″ x 15″ • wood, metal, driftwood, acrylic • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Steam Punk Crab

Watercolor Crab Print

I’m a big fan of watercolors and I think that this Watercolor Crab Print is just amazing.

One of the things that I love about watercolors in general is the way that an artist can so subtly blend the colors together. For this one, artist Amber Alexander has used a great combo of colors and made them almost melt together with such soft transitions.

I also love the small details to this painting, like the seaweed wrapped around the crab’s legs. Wonderful!

Details: available in multiple sizes • print from watercolor original

Where to get it
Etsy Watercolor Crab Print

Laser Cut Metal Crab

I kind of did a double-take when I saw this Laser Cut Metal Crab. It looks amazingly real to me. Made by sign-makers who work in 22 gauge steel, this crab really stands out of the crowd!

Details: 10″ x 14″ • steel, dye sublimation printing

Where to get it
Etsy Laser Cut Metal Crab

Driftwood Crab

I am a big fan of driftwood and I think it’s really great the way this Driftwood Crab has been created from several small pieces.

Anyone who collects driftwood knows that it is trickier than it sounds to find just the right pieces to create the art you’re envisioning in your head.

But artist Vyacheslav has done just that.

Details: 16″ x 16″ • driftwood • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Driftwood Crab

(By the way, I also have a page just filled with driftwood art!)

Orange Metal Crab

All I can say, besides the great coloring of Orange Metal Crab, is that I simply love the expression on this guy’s face. It’s great, isn’t it?


Details: 16″ x 10″ • steel

Where to get it
Etsy Orange Metal Crab

Maryland Acrylic Crab

Is this crab trippy-looking or is this crab trippy-looking?

The paint style used on Maryland Acrylic Crab creates a great illusion. The swishes and swirls give an almost 3 dimensional look to it. It is definitely hypnotic.

Artist Leslie Brown is a fantastic jewelry designer who has turned her hand to a few sculptures like this one — and done it to amazing effect. The colors she’s chosen are those from the Maryland flag, to go with the Maryland crab.

And I can’t stop looking at those crazy looking swirls!

Details: 10″ x 9″ • acrylic on birchwood • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Maryland Acrylic Crab

Icy Blue Crab

The colors of Icy Blue Crab really draw me in. I mean, those blues are just amazingly pretty — all of the blues. Like I said, they really draw me in. Don’t they draw you in?

And the deckled edges to the print really add a nice touch.

Details: available in multiple sizes • art print from acrylic original • framed

Where to get it Icy Blue Crab

Sea Glass Crab

I know that I’ve mentioned before that I am a collector of — and a huge fan of — sea glass, so it should come as no surprise that this Sea Glass Crab caught my eye.

Artist Wendy Phelps has created this beautiful creature using sea glass collected along the Welsh shoreline. And I love the colors that she has chosen to create this crustacean.

Details: sea glass • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Sea Glass Crab

Hand-Painted Cartoon Crab

Now if you can look at this little Hand-Painted Cartoon Crab and not smile, then I think that you’ve got a piece of your heart missing. Look at this silly little guy. So cute!

Artist Lori starts off with hand-cut pine and then paints these wonderful little patterns atop it with indoor-outdoor latex paint. I love the little details and the smiley look on this crab’s face.


Details: 13″ x 6″ • pine board, latex paint • handmade

Where to get it
Etsy Hand-Painted Cartoon Crab

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