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Octopus Art ~ Eight Legs of Beauty in the Ocean

It’s another Beach Art and Decor Day here at Seashell Madness! This is part of a series where I show and tell some great home decor ideas to give your home that beach look — no matter where you live.

Today’s theme is Octopus Art!

I’m pretty excited about sharing this one with you. Why? Because there is some amazing artwork out there featuring our 8-legged friends. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you.

Here are 12 great ideas for Octopus Art for your home!

Bright Octopus

One day while checking out some of my favorite artists on Etsy, this watercolor painting of an octopus just jumped right out of the page at me. I simply stared at it for several minutes — it had grabbed me!

The painting is called Bright Octopus and it is by one of my favorite watercolor artists working on Etsy, Slaveika Aladjova (who also signs each print).

Bright Octopus combines two of the things that really do it for me: first, I love images where the colors really reach out and grab you — and that’s exactly what happens here! Secondly, I am a huge fan of watercolor. The choice of these bright, bold colors and watercolor paints — and I love that the look when an artist lets the watercolors drip and run away like the colors are trying to escape — is just perfect for me.

Details: Print from watercolor, paper, paint & pencil original • gicleé print, using Epson inks guaranteed to last 100 years • available in multiple sizes • signed by artist • printed and shipped by the artist, via Etsy.

Where to find it: Bright Octopus

Octopus in the Deep Blue Sea

This painting, Octopus in the Deep Blue Sea by Eli Halpin and available from Beachcrest Home, is probably my favorite of all of the octopi paintings on this list.

Really! I mean, just look at it!

I’m mesmerized by the color palet in use here and by the stylized look of the suckers. Each one is different and each one of them is extraordinarily cool. The different colors and textures to each individual sucker make me feel like each one of them is almost like its own individual portratit. I spent quite a lot of time checking out each one in detail.

No two ways about it, I simply love this one.

Details: Wrapped Canvas print • Print from acrylic original • Available in multiple sizes • Made in USA

Where to find it: Octopus in the Deep Blue Sea

Octopus II

Another bright watercolor painting (I know, I know, I’m a sucker for them), this fella, simply named Octopus II by artist Suren Nersisyan is available from East Urban Home.

This is another one that leapt off the screen for me. I especially like the way that the reds, yellow and greens melt together on the head, which is a fantastic use of the watercolor technique.

I always find it appealing — heck, just plain neat — when artists stick with an almost sketch-like feel to their paintings. It’s like you can see the steps which went into the painting.

Details: Wrapped Canvas print • Print from watercolor on paper original • Printed in USA

Where to get it: Octopus II


There’s something about this one that is almost hypnotic, isn’t there?

In this gorgeous teal painting Octopus by Edward Selkirk and available from East Urban Home, you can almost feel the tentacles slowly swishing through the water. I think it’s the use of the soft lines created via watercolors, combined with the gentle twists of the tentacles that give this painting a feeling of fluidity.

Like I said, it’s veeeeeery hyyyyyyypnotiiiiiiizing.

The fact that the artist has stuck to a strictly marine color palet of greens and blues also makes this guy eye catching.

Details: Artist-grade Canvas print • Print from watercolor original • Available in muliple sizes • Printed in USA

Where to get it: Octopus.

Octopus and Starfish

Octopus and Starfish is another great painting by the artist Eli Halpin and it’s available from Wrought Studio.

What I love about this one is the human look to the eyes. You would swear that this octopus is examining you, puzzling over you as it floats gently beneath the waves. And I love that.

I’m also a big fan of paintings where the main subject is not directly in the middle of the frame. I think that the framing of this guy — down in the lower left while starfish gently float by in the empty ocean to the right — is mesmerizing.

Details: 5″ x 10″ framed print • Print from an acrylic original • Printed in USA

Where to get it: Octopus and Starfish

Tenacious Tentacles

Aside from the awesome name, Tenacious Tentacles from Design Tuscano is a really cool work of art. If you’ve got one of these guys hanging from your fence, people will definitely stop and take notice.

This octopus is a resin sculpture that has been hand-painted purple — and by the way, I love purple — and that hand-painted nature gives it an interesting look.

Also, it’s made for the outdoors. So this would compliment any other beach art that you may have inside your home… a purple octopus outside!

Details: 16.5″ x 9.5″ • Purple Resin •

Where to get it: Tenacious Tentacles

Psychedelic Octopus

Now, the interesting thing about Psychedelic Octopus (by Laura Thomson and available on Etsy) is that the octopus itself is not actually psychedelic. It’s the surroundings that are psychedelic.


I really like the feel of this one. With the flowing nature of the pose and the gentle curves to the tentacles, she’s really caught the essence of gliding through the ocean. It’s like you can actually feel the motion of the water.

And the water itself, with its swirls of color, looks almost as if it had been made out of tiles. Like it is actually a tile mosaic inset into the floor of some seaside villa.

Or maybe it’s just hippie? I don’t know. Either way I think it’s a fantastic painting!

Also, this is one that the artist personally prints, frames and sends it to you. Which is also cool.

Details: Stretched Canvas print • 20″ x 16″ •

Where to get it:
Etsy Psychedelic Octopus

Blue Octopus Ocean

There’s something almost mystical-feeling about Blue Octopus Ocean from Daydream HQ and available on Etsy.

While the color scheme of blues and teals is definitely beachy, the patterns upon the octopus remind me of something Tibetan. Like a muted-color version of the Buddhist prayer flags. Something like that.

You can almost feel this creature radiating a calming, meditative expression.

I really like this one.

Plus, I’ve always felt that art printed on wooden slats goes perfectly with any beach-themed decor. Just those wooden slats bring up images of spartan fencing around a secluded beach house, with drifts of sand gently piling against it.

And an octopus too…

Details: 14″ x 20″ • UV-protected ink on wood slats • indoor or outdoor

Where to get it:
Etsy Blue Octopus Ocean

Poisonous Bubblegum

Am I the only one who thinks of David Bowie’s Starman when looking at Poisonous Bubblegum (from Black Ink Art and available on Etsy)?


Still, you have to admit that this is a way cool painting. First there’s the rendering of the octopus. I love the colors and the use of light — the feel is of light reflected off of ripply water. And the choice of colors is spot-on perfect and eye-popping.

Then take that fantastic octopus and place it in what appears to be outer space. You’ve got a classic.

Details: 18″ x 12″ • Print on 100 lb. cover stock •

Where to get it:
Etsy Poisonous Bubblegum

It’s My Party

I love the subtle whimsy of It’s My Party from Painted Fern Studio

I was first drawn to the subtle watercolor look of the octopus in this painting (as I’ve mentioned, I love watercolors. And the shading of this is phenomenal).

It was only after looking at it for a bit that I realized that the octopus was holding puffer fish by strings like balloons!

Then when I saw that the title was It’s My Party, I laughed out loud.

This one was definitely unique among the many pieces of octopus art that I’ve checked out in my time. I can’t say enough about how much enjoyment this little scene gave me.

Details: Multiple sizes available • fine art giclée print from watercolor original • Choose between archive-quality linen or cotton rag

Where to get it:
Etsy It’s My Party


This one is great as well. It’s Octogalaxy from Chelzart Studios.

Here’s another painting where I feel like the colors are just perfect. And what a fantastic use of light! Can anyone say luminescent?

I find myself really drawn to the subtle gradation from purples — reminiscent of the depths of the ocean — to the light, almost neon blues conveying the light of the surface above… I just think a painting couldn’t get any better than that.

There’s also something about the expression on the face of this octopus. I realize, of course, that an octopus doesn’t really have an expressive face, but the look in this creature’s eye is almost one of wisdom. And tranquility.

I love it.

Details: 6″ x 12″ • Fine art print • Print from an original acrylic painting

Where to get it:
Etsy Octogalaxy