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Beach Theme Face Mask ~ 99 beach fashion face masks for kids & adults

Designers of all types have risen to the challenges of 2020 in lots of unique and creative ways by making the simple face mask much more stylish.

And of course since this is Seashell Madness, I took an interest in beach-themed masks (lookin’ stylish with the beach aesthetic!)

Let’s check out 99 great designs with a beach theme.

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Obviously, kids’ masks have a few unique requirements. And not just the fact that they need to be sized correctly for little noggins. A kids’ mask also needs to have an element of whimsey. They tend to be happier and more fun than the adult masks.

And the colors! You’ve got to envy the types of colors you’ll find in a kids’ mask. And especially with a beach theme, you can find a whole lot of whimsey and a whole lot of fun!

Kids’ Mermaids Face Mask

Kids’ Shark and Anchor Face Mask

Octopus and Seashells Kids’ Face Mask

Fun Fish Kids’ Face Mask

Deep Sea Creatures Kids’ Face Mask

Pink Flamingos Fun Kids’ Face Mask

Under the Sea Kids’ Face Mask

Whales & Turtles Kids’ Tube Neck Face Mask

Pink Fishes & Octopi Kids’ Neck Gaiter

Turtles, Squid, Whale & Jellyfish Kids’ Face Mask

Animal Print Cotton Kids’ Face Masks

Cute Cartoon Sea Animals Kids’ Face Mask


Dolphins have to qualify as one of the coolest forms of life on the planet. Not only are they pretty darned smart (Albert Einstein called them earth’s smartest creatures) they also have the good sense to spend their days floating around in the ocean! And although the fact that they always appear to be smiling is not really a smile, but rather the shape of their mouths, they do seem to take the time to enjoy themselves out on the ocean. So why not channel that dolphin endergy with a dolphin mask?

Killer Whales Face Mask

Fun Whales Neck Gaiter

Coral Dolphins Face Mask

Whales & Other Sea Mammals Face Mask

Killer Whale Pod Face Mask

Humpback Whale Face Mask

Dolphins & Turtles Face Mask

Dolphins & Turtles Aquarium Face Mask


All I know is that if you put up a video featuring people swimming with sea turtles in Kauai, that video will take off like a rocket! There is something special about these gentle creatures — so awkward and bulky on land, but so sublimely graceful underwater — that brings out an inner sense of serenity in most who encounter them. So a sea turtle face mask seems like a good way to bring a bit of that serenity out into the world during these not-so-serene times.

Sea Turtles Neck Gaiter

Sea Turtle Neck Gaiter

Sea Turtle Face Mask

Sea Turtles in Tropical Reef Face Mask

Electric Blue Sea Turtle Face Mask

Cute Cartoon Turtles Fun Face Mask

Aquatic Teal Sea Turtle Face Mask

Diving Sea Turtle Face Mask

Mosaic Sea Turtle Neck Gaiter

Herart-shaped Tortoise Face Mask

Ocean Blue Tribal Honu Face Mask

Ombre Sea Turtle and Seashell Face Mask

Neon Blue Sea Turtles Neck Gaiter

Quiltwork Patterned Sea Turtle Face Mask