Beach Christmas ~ lots of suggestions for bringing the beach to your holidays!


It may still be beach weather, but before you know it we’ll be rolling into the “Ho Ho Ho’s” of the Christmas season.

With Seashell Madness by your side you can make your Christmas a Beach Christmas (even if you’re nowhere near a beach!).

And getting your beach Christmas items early makes sense. Especially when it comes to handcrafted items, you don’t want to get caught in the holiday delays and miss out on that perfect beach gift!

Here at Seashell Madness we’ve got plenty of suggestions to help you out with your beach-themed holiday decor and gifts!

Christmas Themed Seashell Wreaths & Garlands

Beach Christmas: "Nautical Santa's Coastal Christmas"
“Nautical Santa’s Coastal Christmas” ~ a seashell wreath by Patti Sappington

Seashell wreaths are a fantastic way to bring a beach feel to your home. And what better time to bring a beach feel to your home than during the holidays?

Check out our guide to great seashell wreaths, including specific sections on beach-themed Christmas wreaths! (as well as wreaths for fall, Thanksgiving and beach weddings)

And because wreath designers tend to get a lot of orders the closer we get to the holidays, getting your Beach Christmas Wreath now will ensure that you get it on time!

Click HERE to see a slew of wreaths!

101 Seashell Gifts

Beach Christmas: Seashell Wine Glasses
Seashell Wine Glasses by Rose Beberus

The beach-lover in your life would really appreciate a gift with a beach theme. We know they would!

Luckily, Seashell Madness has put together a great guide to 101 Seashell Gifts. If you can’t find something on this list for the beach-lover in your life… well, we feel pretty confident you’ll find something on this list for the beach-lover in your life.

Click HERE to see all 101 gift ideas!

Don’t Forget the Christmas Cards… Beach Christmas Cards!

“Santa and Reindeer Surf A Big Wave” beach Christmas card

You know that you’re going to send out Christmas cards (you are remembering to send out Christmas cards, aren’t you?) so why not make them Beach Christmas cards!

Seashell Madness has found a bunch of great ones for you.

Click HERE to check out these cards!

Stuffing those Stockings? Yeah, that’s a custom on the coast too.

“Mermaid Tail with Sequins”

Not everyone focuses on the big presents at Christmas. For some, it’s all about the stockings. Wondering what mysterious delights fill up those socks.

Well if you’re going for a beach theme, then here’s another place that you can pursue it. We found stockings decorated with shells and sharks and starfish… oh and a few really cool mermaid’s tails!

Click HERE to see the Coastal Christmas Stockings that we found!

Trim your tree with seashells and other treasures from the sea

“Shell, Sand & Starfish Christmas Ornament”

Unless you live in a studio apartment, you’ll likely have a big ol’ Christmas tree filling up a corner of your living room.

That tree needs ornaments and if you’re going for a beach theme this holiday season, then you need to get that tree some Beach Christmas Ornaments.

Actually, even if you’re not pursuing a beach theme in general, some of these Beach Christmas Ornaments would look great on any tree.

Click HERE to see what the beach has to contribute to your tree.

Beach Christmas Trees (no, not palm trees)

“Oyster Shell Christmas Tree”

If you’ve decided to fully commit to a beach theme for your Christmas decor, then a Beach Christmas Tree is a must.

And if you just want to add a small coastal accent to traditional Christmas decor, then a Beach Christmas Tree is a must there too.

Whether we’re talking a tree made from seashells or a tree made from sea glass or a tree made from driftwood, there are some really great beach-inspired versions made by some really creative people.

Click HERE to see what I mean!

Meanwhile, the Decor has to be Beachy and Christmasy

“JOY” votive candle holders with seashells

There’s a lot of really great beach decor out there. And with a lot of really great beach decor out there it should come as no surprise that there’s a lot of beach Christmas decor out there as well!

From garlands to tree skirts, there’s a lot of beach going on!~

Click HERE to see Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas

How About a Great Beach Painting?

Beach Christmas: "Pink Dawn" painting
“Pink Dawn” by Faith Jordan

Recently, Seashell Madness created pretty much the definitive list of the Best Beach Painters on Etsy.

Oh, it took some time to gather and review hundreds and hundreds of painters and their beach and ocean-inspired paintings, but we are really happy with who we found.

So if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that beach-lover in your life (or heck, just a gift for that person for whatever occasion) we feel confident that you’ll find an awesome one among these fantastic artists!

Click HERE to check out these 50 fantastic painters!

Seashell Artwork Works Well for the Holidays

Beach Christmas: "Seashell Frogs Sitting on a Bench" seashell sculpture
“Seashell Frogs Sitting on a Bench” by Brenda Casaravilla

Since the site is Seashell Madness we couldn’t just focus on painters, we also created a similarly great big list of the 50 Best Seashell Artists on Etsy.

If you have someone who loves seashell art, then this is the place for you to find a great gift for them.

Among these 50 artists, you’re bound to find something that will make that special person incredibly happy. And get those gifts going before the holiday rush!

Click HERE for 50 amazing seashell artists and their artwork!

Beach-Lovers LOVE Resin Art

Beach Christmas: "Blue Resin Ocean Heart" resin artwork
“Blue Resin Ocean Heart” by Kara Ivey

If you’re not familiar with Resin Art, then hang on to see some really amazing stuff!

Because talented artists can create the most amazing seascapes and beach scenes using resin. And of course Seashell Madness has a list of the 50 Most Talented Resin Artists working with a beach theme today.

Click HERE to see some wonderful works of art!

Driftwood Artwork is Perfect Decor

Beach Christmas: "Great Egret Flying Above the Trees" driftwood sculpture
“Great Egret Flying Above the Trees” by Cindy English Gillis

Most beach-lovers get pretty excited by finding a really cool-looking piece of driftwood during a day at the beach. Now, just imagine what some talented artists could do with that cool-looking driftwood.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine, because Seashell Madness took a look at the Best Driftwood Artists out there as well. From artistically mounted pieces of driftwood to driftwood sculptures to some awesome driftwood hearts, there’s bound to be something on this list that would make that beach-lover squeal with delight when receiving it as a Christmas gift.

Click HERE to check out cool driftwood art!

Beachwear for Christmas? Yes!!

Beach Christmas: Crochet Coverup Boho Lace Dress
Crochet Coverup Boho Lace Dress by Gotazul

Maybe it’s cold outside at Christmas.

Maybe it just doesn’t seem like beach weather.

Maybe it’s snowing.

All very good reasons to get some beachwear and beach apparel into your beach-lover’s holidays! Remind them that if they just hang in there, the summer fun will return!

Seashell Madness recently took a look at 40 of the most stylish designers of Women’s Beachwear. We think you’ll find something to love on this list, and maybe come away with a new favorite designer.

Click HERE for 40 Stylish Designers of Women’s Beachwear!

What is the Beach Aesthetic & What Does it Mean for the Holidays?

Beach Christmas: "Pastel Surfboard Van" painting
“Pastel Surfboard Van”

There is a vibe to the beach. A mood. An attitude.

And you get it how? By pursuing a beach aesthetic — surrounding yourself with art and jewelry and clothing that serve as reminders of the beach.

Of course here at Seashell Madness there is an emphasis on the beach aesthetic, so we wrote an article giving 43 great suggestions on how to get it.

And wouldn’t one of those 43 suggestions make a great Christmas gift?

Absolutely, dude…

Click HERE for 43 ideas for a Beach Aesthetic