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Seashell Wreaths & Garlands ~ for a beach Christmas, fall decor or just to deck out your beach cottage

Nothing says “Welcome to the Beach” better than a seashell wreath on the door!

Speaking of being welcome… welcome to another Beach Art & Decor post from Seashell Madness. Today we’re looking at some of the many unique ways shells can be woven into beach wreaths.

You would think that there wouldn’t be that many ways — that every seashell wreath would look like every other seashell wreath — but I’m here to tell you that they are as varied as the life in the ocean. Come along and I’ll show you.

Christmas Beach Wreaths

Big Sur Beach Wreath

The Big Sur area of the California coastline is a really lovely stretch where the mountains meet the sea. So, I’m already partial to this wreath just by hearing its name — Big Sur Beach Wreath!

But beyond that I think it’s great how the designer has mixed in the preserved twigs and leaves and mixed them in with seashells and starfish. Oh, and I love the little blue accents of Larkspur — those really make this wreath pop.

Details: 20″ • starfish and bleached sand dollars

Where to get it: AMAZON

White Shell Christmas Wreath

Just look at the amazing number of shells used to make this White Shell Christmas Wreath. Wow! And how fantastic is it that all of these shells are shades of white, definitely evocative of a White Christmas (whether you are actually experiencing snow or just thinking about it while you lounge on a beach somewhere).

Artist Elena handmakes all of her wreaths, so no two are exactly alike, but each one is pretty darned beautiful.

And again… can you believe how many shells are on this wreath?

Details: 11″ • seashells & real starfish • handmade

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Seashell and Starfish Driftwood Beach Wreath

Candy Galekovic is one of my favorite seashell artists. And once again she has created something spectacular with this Seashell and Starfish Driftwood Wreath.

One of the things that I find reallly appealing about this particular seashell wreath is the way that she has used driftwood to form the base. Being a big fan of beach art I am also a big fan of driftwood, so I think it’s terrific the way that driftwood has been used here.

I also like the color combo that she’s used here: teals and whites are perfect for beach decor, and those colors go together so well on this wreath (which Candy also suggests would make a great Christmas table centerpiece if you put a candle in the middle — wonderful idea!)

Details: 15″ • driftwood, shells & starfish • handmade

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Natural White Shell Wreath

The combination of shells and colors on this wreath feels perfect to me. A wreath like this will give your Christmas gathering the look of Sanibel Island, where shells like this wash up on shore in big piles.

Artist Lynnette Stirling, aka ‘Nette’ TheShellLady has taken this huge variety of shel.s and made something really beautiful with this Natural White Shell Wreath.

Details: 12″ • seashells • handmade

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Starfish Christmas Wreath

Unlike many of the artists on this list, Kay Wilson doesn’t live near an ocean. In fact, she’s located in Minnesota where she creates a lot of really beautiful Christmas-themed items.

Which is what she’s done here. Starfish Christmas Wreath is not a beach wreath with a Christmas theme, it’s a Christmas wreath with a beach theme. And I think it is absolutely beautiful. I think that the little whisps of pompas grass add a beautiful and delicate touch.

Details: 28″ x 12″ • burlap ribbon, starfish, evergreen & pompas grass • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Mermaid Ocean Christmas Wreath

You can’t go wrong with mermaids. This much I know.

Artist Debbie Shakespeare has designed a great collection of Christmas wreaths. With this Mermaid Ocean Christmas Wreath, she has gone with a beach theme. Not just a tiny mermaid but also a merman, a shell… and even a tiny beach chair!

Details: 24″ • ribbon & wreath • handmade

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Seashell Wreath on Birch Twig with Large Clams

The great big clam shells really make Seashell Wreath on Birch Twig for me. And the soft color combination is great and works really well together. The birch twigs have a definite “wintery” look to them, which is offset by the seashells and starfish.

Details: 21″ • birch twigs, seashells, starfish • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at AMAZON

Happy Holidays Seahorse Christmas Mesh

Artist Lauren Kilgore calls her Etsy store “Beautiful Mesh” — and with good reason. She specializes in wreaths with these wonderful mesh motifs. It’s amazing how the different meshes and burlaps can be folded and tied and intertwined to make something quite beautiful.

For this Happy Holidays Seahorse wreath she has taken a decidedly beach themed approach. Hang this on your door to welcome everyone and remind them that there’s no place like a beach house for the holidays.

Details: 24″ • deco mesh & seashells • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Treasure Chest Christmas Beach Wreath

So do pirates decorate their galleys with wreaths like this Treasure Chest Beach Wreath? I’m not sure, but I really enjoy the look of this one. Not only are the colors very “beachy,” but wreath designer Carol Laws has added seshells and a tiny, little treasure chest to make the look complete.

Details: 23″ • ribbons, Christmas balls & seashells • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

“Turtle Cove” Nautical Wreath

Wreath artist Bea Geddie has a wonderfully unique style to her wreath designs. On many of her designs, she makes a crescent shape with the main materials of the wreath, while leaving a portion of the naturally twisted wisteria branch base exposed. I personally think that this is absolutely lovely.

With the Turtle Cove Nautical Wreath she has created a fantastic combination of the wintery, Christmas-y with the beachy. I love the the fact that there is a little turtle along with the seashells and starfish which sit atop frosty looking sprigs of glazed ferns.

I think that everything about this one — from the color combo to the crescent shape to the materials used — is really amazing.

Details: 16″ • seashells, wisteria & ferns • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Sailboat & Nautical Rope Wreath

I’m a big fan of when someone does something that is really different. And artist Holly has done something really different with this Sailboat & Nautical Rope Wreath.

I think that the concept of braiding a rope into a loop to make the base of the wreath is very cool. And then the use of driftwood and a model sailboat… I think this is one great wreath!

Details: 13″ • rope, ribbon, driftwood & starfish • handmade

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Beach Wreath with Cardinals

The cardinal is a wintery kind of bird (since they don’t migrate you might actually see these bright red birds in snowy areas). So mixing these guys with some starfish for Beach Wreath with Cardinals creates a really great and interesting feel. And that gives you a great Christmas color combo of red and white (just like Santa!).

Artist Annie Gray specializes in wreath design and she has created another great one here.

Details: 18″ • seashells, greenery, model cardinals • handmade

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Seashell & Driftwood Wreath

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of driftwood. So I really like what wreath designer Elizabeth Hollis has done with small pieces of driftwood here. And the combination with the shells and starfish lend this Seashell & Driftwood Wreath a very beachy feel.

Details: 18″ • driftwood, shells & starfish • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Snowy Beach Holiday Evergreen Wreath

Artist Whitney Richelle designs some wonderful creations that are perfect for celebrations such as weddings. And here she’s designed a wreath that would be absoluetly perfect for any beach Christmas gathering.

The color combo here is an absolutely perfect match for any beach decor. And I think it’s just wonderful that she’s integrated snowy coral into the design of Snowy Beach Holiday Evergreen Wreath! Fantastic!

Details: 18″ • eucalyptus, snowy coral, pine cones • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Christmas Starfish Wreath

Wreath designer Robin makes all sorts of wonderful wreaths for all sorts of occasions (her Halloween wreaths are great too!). With this Christmas Starfish Wreath she has made something both intricate and wonderful.

I think that the combination of snowflake-decorated ribbon along with teal starfish just says Beach Christmas to me.

Details: 28″ • mesh, ribbons, painted starfish handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Nautical Santa’s Coastal Christmas

This Nautical Santa’s Coastal Christmas wreath is really beautiful. Artist Patti Sappington has created a wonderful beach theme to this wreath with the use of twigs, ocean-colored balls and seashells, then to top it off there is a really neat, old-fashioned Saint Nick in the middle.

Details: 21″ • twigs, shells, Santa doll • handmade

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White Birch Twig with Highly Polished Clams

Artist Ellie Pirkuk designs many ocean-inspired works (including many beautiful wreaths). This White Birch Twig with Highly Polished Clams wreath strikes me as one that would be absolutely perfect for holiday decor — the white shells and frosty-looking birch twigs give this one a decidedly wintery feel, and the gleam of those polished clam shells is really magnificent.

Details: 21″ • birch, seashells, starfish • handmade

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Twig and Berry Wreath with Shells

Artist Kathy Jones designs all sorts of wonderful items in several different media (she has some absolutely terrific acrylic paintings of flowers and birds) that evoke a beach feel.

Maybe it’s that painter’s eye that allows her to create some really fantastic and unique pieces when she makes wreaths (here again, she has lots of great ones). This Twig and Berry Wreath with Shells definitely says “beach Christmas” to me. I love the combination of the shells with the delicate twigs — and the color combination of those soft reds of the berries on the twigs works really well against those shells.

Details: 20″ • twigs, faux berries, seashells • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Beachy Christmas Starfish Holiday Wreath

Another great holiday themed beach wreath by artist Annie Gray. There’s something about the simplicity of this Beachy Christmas Starfish Holiday Wreath that really caught my eye. This wreath has everything that it needs to convey what it needs to convey, and not one item more. Perfect.

Details: 14″ • starfish & ribbon • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Fall Wreaths

Autumn Blooming Baby’s Breath Wreath

What a wonderful autumn-themed wreath we have here! It’s like fall has come to the beach with this Autumn Blooming Baby’s Breath Wreath.

I think that it’s the addition of baby’s breath that evokes a feeling of that first frosty morning. Looking at this wreath I imagine an Atlantic beach, the seashells and sand dolloars have washed ashore and they and the sands are covered in a thin coating of frost.

Artist Sharon Reese creates her wreaths (and other beach decor) with items that she’s found while beachcombing in NC. And I think they’re all great!

Details: 17″ • twigs, baby’s breath • burlap, seashells • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Seashell Wreath on Birch Twig with Rare Sea Lace Branches

With Seashell Wreath on Birch Twig with Rare Sea Lace Branches, we have another great beach themed wreath from artist Ellie Pirkuk. I love the choice of seashells and driftwood that she’s made here. The brown scallop shells on this Seashell Wreath on Birch Twig really bring about an autumn feel.

I could definitely see this wreath used as the decor for a family Thanksgiving gathering.

Details: 21″ • birch twigs, seashells • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Starfish Treasures of The Sea Handmade Deco Mesh

The fall colors of this Starfish Treasures of the Sea wreath are simply wonderful. I really like the way that the burlap and decorative mesh have been used here — it’s really beautiful. Then, top it off with a starfish made from shells and rope. Great!

Details: 24″ • burlap & shells • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at AMAZON

Seashell Wreath on Birch Twig with Exotic Sea Urchins

Artist Ellie has been designing beatiful handmade wreaths since 2006 (which she originally sold through farmers’ markets in Washington state).

I’m a big fan of hers, especially with works like this Seashell Wreath on Birch Twig with Exotic Sea Urchins. There is a definite “fall feeling” evoked by this wreath and I think that the color choices of the shells against the birch twigs is just perfect.

Details: 21″ • birch, seashells • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at AMAZON

“Dancing Starfish” Nautical Decor / Beach Theme Wreaths

As I’ve mentioned before, wreath designer Bea Geddie makes some pretty spectacular creations. The fall look of Dancing Starfish is definitely appealing.

I like the use of the burnt-orange looking starfish along with an assortment of warm-colored seshells.

Details: 18″ • starfish, wisteria vines, spring wheat • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Seashell & Starfish Driftwood Wreath – Autumn Wreath

Seashell artist Candy Galekovic has created another wonderful piece of art with this Seashell & Starfish Driftwood Wreath. First, I’m a big fan of the way that she uses driftwood to form the base of the wreath. That’s a great and beautiful start. Then the addition of the autumn-colored seashells just makes this one perfect for the fall and that Thanksgiving decor.

Details: 18″ • driftwood & seashells • handmade

BUY (or More Info) at ETSY

Beach Wedding Decor

Seashells & Flowers

Flower Power!

I can’t express just how much I love the flowers made from seashells on Seashells & Flowers.

Many of my own Seashell Madness creations use mussel shells to create flowers, so I absolutely love how artist Brenda Casaravilla has turned these into little rosebuds!

While the shape of the individual coquina shells collected in Florida is similar to what we have in California, the subtle color variations simply blow me away!

Details: 9″ • seashells, mahogany leaves • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Shoreline Wreath

I like really thick wreathes with lots of details and multiple shells, like this Shoreline Wreath.

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something about this beach themed wreath that says “winter in a warm place” to me.

It’s the sort of wreath that you would hang on the door of your beach house in the middle of winter. So that all of those inevitable visitors coming from colder areas of the world aren’t too shocked by the fact that they are now in warmer climes.

Details: 20″ diameter • seashells, starfish & exotic botanicals

BUY (or more info) on BED, BATH & BEYOND

Driftwood, Seaglass & Shell

I’m a big fan of driftwood and a big fan of sea glass. So the look of this Driftwood, Seaglass and & Shell beach themed wreath really works for me.

I also love when pieces like this are made from materials that the artist found while beachcombing. Jill from Long Shore Driftwood collects all of the driftwood and shells from Cornish beaches near where she lives.

Details: 12″ • Driftwood, Seaglass, Shells • Handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Seashell Wreath

Ordinarily I’m not a fan of painting shells (I’m more of a shell purist), but the way that these shells and starfish have been painted an aquamarine shade and placed alongside white shells really caught my eye.

Teal and white is sort of the official beach color scheme, so having a seashell wreath in that color palettte works well.

Details: 20″ • Indoor/Outdoor • Shells

BUY (or more info) on WAYFAIR

Summer Beach Seashell

I’m a sucker for the unique, and a wreath made from clothespins and seashells certainly fits that bill!

This wreath, Summer Beach Seashell, by artist Lena Birchenough is handmade to order — so, for instance, although the default color scheme for the clothespins is a nice beachy teal, you can request that it be made a different color.

I also like the way that the shells are all congregated in the lower left corner, as if they are banding together for safety.

Details: 16.5″ diameter • clothespins and seashells • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Beach Burlap Garland

I think that the combination of burlap with bright ribbons makes Beach Burlap Garland a simply beautiful creation. Artist Gina Emerson is a true master of this sort of combination.

I can easily imagine this draped around the windows or mantel of a nice, little beach cottage.

Cozy, isn’t it?

Details: 4.5′ x 11″ • burlap and ribbon • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Seashell & Starfish

Here’s another one that makes great use of driftwood, which I love!

There’s something about how this Seashell & Starfish wreath uses the driftwood with white shells that really works for me. Maybe it’s something about how by keeping the look of the shells pretty low-key, it draws attention to the driftwood.

Artist Candy Galekovic creates these wreaths by hand and constructs them using real driftwood.

Details: 18″ • driftwood & seashells • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Driftwood & Seashell Garland

What a cute idea this is: take driftwood and seashells and create a lighted string. I love this.

While I’ve seen plenty of garlands made of Driftwood & Seashells, the addition of a string on lights made me smile.

As I’ve mentioned before, I think it’s great that Jill from Long Shore Driftwood collects all of the driftwood that she uses in her artwork herself. As a driftwood collector myself, I understand that finding just the right pieces for your art is trickier than it sounds, and Jill has a great eye for it.

Details: 43″ • battery-operated LED lights, driftwood & seashells • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Seashells & Starfish

I love the addition of greenery to this one. Something about that just lends Seashells & Starfish even more of a beach feel. Like it just washed ashore fully formed with little sprigs of seaweed living among the crustaceans.

Lily and her team add silk florals to their creations and it definitely works well!

Details: 13″ • shells, floral accents & starfish • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Seashell & Grapevine

Since this site is Seashell Madness it should come as no surprise that I am wild about projects created using wild-harvested shells. Artist Inez uses mostly shells that have been collected from US beaches on the Atlantic to create this Seashell & Grapevine wreath.

And it definitely has an Atlantic feel to it doesn’t it? And something almost antique to it. I can imagine this as being hung in some sailor’s cabin in the 18th century — a good luck charm for those dangerous days out at sea.

Details: 7″ • seashells and grapevine • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Coastal Beach Garland

I’m one who loves my indoor lighting to be creative. I’ve just never been one for plain lamps or track lighting, so I just love this indoor Coastal Beach Garland as a lighting option.

Artist Natalie Hagan has a great eye for what shells go together in an artistic way. And with this, she’s added lights to the equation. Fantastic!

Details: 7′ • Seashells, burlap & twine • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Beach Wreath

I love the use of pine cones in this one! And with all of the little details I could get lost looking at this for hours.

The way that artist Vekoria has used natural materials such as pine cones, nuts and feathers for this Beach Wreath makes me think of the Big Sur area of California’s coastline with its cliffside pine trees looking down on the wild ocean below.

Details: 15″ • seashells, pine cones, nuts, feathers • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Seashell, Wood & Twine

Another with wonderful hand-picked shells! These shells all come from the Florida coast where artist Natalie and friends pick them up in beachcombing expeditions. It pays off, because this wreath of Seashell, Wood & Twine looks simply amazing!

Details: 12″ • seashells • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Seashells & Ribbons

I love the feel of this Seashells & Ribbons with its fantastic abundance of scallop shells (which were hand-picked by artist Maria Lampton in Florida and the Caribbean).

In my neck of the woods, scallop shells and other big, fan-shaped shells are rare. So seeing so many of them — and knowing that they were hand-collected! — on one wreath is pretty exciting for me. There’s no space left un-shelled!

Details: 11″ • shells • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Whimsical Seashell Flower

Okay, so I know that this is technically not a wreath, but it feels absolutely right to put Whimsical Seashell Flower in with the other wreaths in this list.

I really like how Bob from Art of the North has used as a base a slice of a pine log (when we lived in Colorado, log slices were referred to as “cookies”) while the shells are used to create something like a mosaic of a flower and butterfly

Details: 12″ • wo0d and seashells • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Nautical Wreath

Ahoy! This wreath is definitely nautical all right! I love the minimialist design of this one. And the addition of the fishing nets to Nautical Wreath just really completes the feel that this belongs on a ship at sea.

Details: 12″ • shells, fishing net and starfish

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Coastal Wedding Garland

I’ve never before seen something quite like Coastal Wedding Garland. The artist Alana has taken the time to braid twine and work in seashells as she goes. Amazing!

And at 6 feet long, I could really see this decorating any room — including a wedding hall — to give an airy beach theme. Heck, I’m imagining several of them decorating my living room right now!

Details: 6′ • twine & seashells • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Summer Beach Wreath

I’ve mentioned before how much I like pine cones. Summer Beach Wreath is made of pretty much solid pine cones. The use of handpicked pinecones is something that artist Carrie excels at!.

And I absolutely love how sandy this wreath looks. It definitely brings up the feel of an object found on the beach, still coated in wet sand.

Details: 13″ • pinecones & seashells • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Summer Blowfish Wreath

Okay, could this little guy be any cuter? I love this creative use of tin to make this little blowfish (with a bottlecap eye!) and I’m really drawn to the way that the fish is painted.

Meanwhile, the use of the little clear balls brings to mind bubbles floating away in the depths of the ocean

Add to that Summer Blowfish Wreath’s creative use of burlap, ribbons and seashells that artist Gina excels at, and you’ve got a winner here.

Details: 24″ • starfish • burlap, ribbon & tin • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Silk Floral Swag

Another great use of greenery and seashells by Lily and her team. It’s great how she seems to weave together these elements, to create something that is reminiscent of the tangles of seaweed and shells we see washed up at our local beach — only prettier!

Silk Floral Swag is an excellent piece to hang in an entryway or window space.

Details: 25″ • silk greenery, seashells • handmade

BUY (or more info) on ETSY

Blue Seashell Cork Wreath

My husband says that I am a wine connoisseur. I don’t know if that’s quite accurate, but I do enjoy a glass of wine every now and then and I absolutely love artwork created using wine corks!

Blue Seashell Cork Wreath combines great use of wine corks (some dyed blue!), which is the particular specialty of artist Jane Brown, combined with a great use of shells, pinecones and faux pearls.


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