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A big chunk of the Seashell Madness site is devoted to a love of beautiful beach art and decor. I’m a bit obsessed with the concept of “beachy art” actually (which is why it’s a seashell madness, after all). So with such an emphasis on beach and ocean-inspired art it is only natural that I’ve got several pages dedicated to the artists who create this fantastic work!

Since I am constantly checking out beach art both on the internet and in the real world, I come across the work of a whole lot of different artists. Every now and then I create lists of the best beach artists and of course the best beach art.

Sometimes it is hard to narrow down these lists of the best beach artworks (even with lists of 50!), but I do my best.

Best Seashell Artists

Since my own background is in seashell art, this is the category that I’ve collected the biggest number of beach artists. I know of easily hundreds of great artists doing great things with seashells — from single and elegant mounting of the most interesting shells to complex mosaics and sculptures made entirely of seashells I’ve seen a whole lot of creativity in this area.

Shell Flowers by Maria Byerley

And since I really enjoy seashell art, both creating my own and admiring the work of others, I have spent a lot of time looking at a lot of seashell art. So it was really tough to narrow things down to 50! But I did it.

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Best Beach Painters

I’ve been collecting, browsing and perusing beach paintings for quite some time. And I have quite varied tastes when it comes to beach art painting. For instance I can at the same time love an oil painting that is so masterfully rendered that you have to look twice to realize that it’s not a photograph, I can be taken in by a beatiful and soft watercolor seascape, yet I still stand and stare at a well-executed abstract ocean.

Sea Fish Shoal by Hannah Louise Singleton

And there are so many fantastic painters out there who create works of cool beach art. Above water, underwater, sunsets, sand… just a feast for the senses!

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Best Resin Artists

I’ve only come across resin art here in the last few years, but I dove right in from the get-go. I am fascinated by how many artists there are out there who are acheiving such amazing works of art using resin. There’s something about the fluid nature of resin that just really lends itself to beach art — from seascapes to beach scenes there is some really incredible artwork being made out there.

Resin Wave Sculpture by Annette

The wonderful, rich blues that you can achieve with resin are amazing (and so shiny). Check out my recommendations regarding this cool beach art form.

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Best Driftwood Artists

It’s so amazing to be walking along the waterline and stumble across a magnificent piece of driftwood! You just have to love the way that ordinary twigs, branches and logs have been sculpted into entirely new and beautiful entities by the tossing and tumbling of the ocean.

Driftwood Crocodile and Bird Candle Holder by Magicicadas

And then when a talented artist takes those pieces of art from the beach and uses them as elements in a beautiful work of beach art… it’s wonderful.

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So just with the above lists there are 180 artists to check out! And of course that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many, many more works of art showcased here on Seashell Madness. So when you’re finished with these lists of the best beach artists, check out all of the other cool content we’ve got going here.

Beach Art

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