All Things Mermaid

If you love mermaids the way we love mermaids, then here’s a real treat for you — a collection of mermaid-themed jewelry, attire and art! HUNDREDS of items! Click one of the following links to see our giant lists of:


Mermaid Rings

Sterling Silver and Bronze Mermaid with Conch Shell Ring

Here at Seashell Madness we spend a lot of time immersed in the art and fashion related to the beach. We look at all sorts of things from absctract ocean paintings to yoga pants. And one thing is obvious: Everybody loves Mermaids.

And a lot of ring designers obviously like mermaids because we found a whole bunch of Mermaid Rings and we narrowed it down to the 63 Best MERMAID RINGS. Really, it’s amazing how many great mermaid rings there are out there. And I mean amazing! Whether you’re talking hand-made silver or gold rings, bronze or pewter, we can show you where to get great ones!

Mermaid Necklaces

Classical Painting Mermaid Pendant

From cameos to sterling silver carvings to impressive resin, we found an amazing amount of amazing mermaid necklaces, which we narrowed down to the 99 Best Mermaid Necklaces (yes, we swear that we narrowed it down to 99!)

Mermaid Clothing & Attire

Watercolour Mermaid T-Shirt

Probably the most visible way to express your love of mermaids is to have a giant mermaid graphic on your shirt. And if you are of a mind to do that — and we hope that you are of a mind to do that — we’ve listed the 75 Best Mermaid Attire items for you.

Mermaid Earrings

Assymetrical Mermaid Earrings in Sterling SIlver

Mermaids dangling from your earlobes definitly make those lobes much more beautiful! I mean, I’m sure that you already have great-looking earlobes, but mermaids will make them all the better, that’s why we’ve listed the 75 Best Mermaid Earrings.

Mermaid Bracelets

Cuff Mermaid Bracelet

Since nobody wears watches anymore, might I suggest that a blank wrist is the perfect place for a mermaid. From silver bracelets to leather bracelets to hemp bracelets, we’ve found the 48 Best Mermaid Bracelets for you.

Mermaid Jewelry Boxes

Stained Glass Mermaid Jewelry Box

And once you’ve got all of this great mermaid jewelry you need a place to keep it all organized. So why not one of these 55 Best Mermaid Jewelry Boxes?

Mermaid Art

Mermaid Art: Rustic Coastal Mermaid
Rustic Coastal Mermaid

And, oh my, there are some beautiful pieces of art out there based upon these mythicakl lovely ladies of the deep. Check out the Best Mermaid Art here.

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